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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Needing to chill out yesterday: I turned the radio on, I can pick up many stations now...and heard a newsflash...head of so and so is released despite two counts of Racial Hatred:

"That f*(&*( N^%i shit! I'm gonna stab him in the neck!!!"

No, I won't though, you Britons know who I'm talking about surely? I immediately called my social worker, thinking why? Told her I'd 'just heard the news' that, ' I'm getting a job, as a cleaner', 'Oh! You have a job? Great! ' 'No, but I'll probably get the job, er I forget why I called just to let you know that....'


Meanwhile, sketching and sketching, bought another pad because the pad Iwas left with was a lined writing pad, but ya know didn't I once see a whole exhibition by someone in the Tate Mdern gallery, that was about dreams etc. and was also sketches on lined paper, a whole room full which I was also doing at the time due to lack of money... Brings me Joy to see Art...yip.

I failed my 'examination with ze doctor', he prescribed anti-depressants as well as current medication...I thought the only reason I'm creating is because I am depressed and I told him, I'm writing but I don't think my poetry is very good.

'Self-Esteem issues'

'No, Perfectionism'.

...and told him everything about the burnt down house, and events thereafter which was getting me depressed, Poolio still won't get my books back or pay garage rent...appeals to go through with, which made me shout and cry, at the parents...and I mistakenly had been paying rent for the burnt down house...which Dad switched over, but I have more to pay...

Well, sat down read through the leaflet, gives panic attacks in the first, not a good idea...

Meanwhile...this country is sinking according to Scientists...;-/

I'm sketching images but no, of course no images of the Prophet...just a whole burst of everything that inspires me in everyday life, including anger and love...(yeah yeah, I know, If you had any...)

Or, rather 'the state of the small world'...

Plus, found some new tunes, not telling you what they are though...someone write why not?


we are all equals

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