Wednesday, 22 October 2008

22 March

when i was younger in college, i would often draw pictures of women dressed in robes, dancing, falling down,

I would draw eyes too, now perhaps this was a personal feeling, or something more.

In that where i felt in trouble, i prayed for help because i felt in so much trouble sitting there for nights in the dark, and stupidly stupidly being on cannabis and drew eyes, and wrote in my madness on a small piece of paper or perhaps a cigarette box...I would like to be (words were confused;)

a strong woman
a noble man

OK, I'll writeagain when I feel a little better, (it's that headache thing, I need a cottage to live, just been considering becoming a Nun, ahahahahaha, no no no no no...not a good idea)


i got kidnapped by a social worker once, was having a weird week, took a bath thought about finally going to the job centre and getting a job, and he knocked on the door, with no explanation, i was too trusting ofthem andi was locked away, hence the snippet of sillywriting you will read about below...


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