Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Timescale Theorem

Historical Time Scale theory, first draft:

I believe the theory attached to these correspondances reflects a periodical theorem of two inner dimensions, two stories, one in this era, another perhaps occurring 100's of years theory is, anniversaries, not your anniversaries of distinctive trivialness, but an anniversary of an important event in history, take for example, Star Wars...

In this fight between the Empire and The Republic, a lone Jedi knight is called to right the wrongs inflicted on various communities and planets...(this is silly conjecture and a brief interlude from my own problems, as; as my friend wrote me, (you can read this from the last two posts below) I am fighting demons in visions or in a rewiring of my brains synapses, but first consider this theory to the end much as I am currently trying to explain to myself in the writing of this article)

My theory is:

but first, let us look at a picture I have in my mind of a dream I had woken up from recently...In this dream, I have no idea of my own words, I mean what was said; I am only of the conclusion that an important meeting had taken place. This between my waking up into the Earthly world, all broken and stretched by random chaos, where any of my own good works and inspiring words or suggestions are merely fleetingly unimportant to the unknowning opinions or expectations of others, BUT not to those who look upon with Love for every small action does count towards recognition, and of course I can blame these demonic attacks on my own affrontal behaviour and worries, worries that are almost a denial of God and light...I digress here, let us back to the dream...

I see a tall woman, she gives me my leave, (says goodbye to me) whilst in the background behind her are dark haired people in a what I was sent back to do, I do not know, the only other option would have been to have died in my bed if there was not a purpose for this, (and a rather frightening consequence, that would be too) a will to live happily and create good will, that seems to me the purpose, and perhaps the meeting was a fulfillment of dreams, these were no earthly beings but yet they took the full form of humanness, not I believe, in a word supposed by others, Aliens, but those of a higher bidding in the actualisation of a Heaven on Earth, and a requisite plea for my own duty to bring about a change in the staid opinion that there is no actual levels, in other words dimensions. This has been repeated countless times by many good men and women, I myelf have no training and my words even now are in danger. My life itself, is full of minor and major occurances which, without my will to create, makes even a need for rest seem as though I am wasting time, and am not living my own life which may have been written for me, as a friend, a friend who calls me her sister told me that she had heard: we must be 'in love with our destinies'...but I see no answer to my many questions as to what exactly is my own destiny.

I have been pondering these last few days a theory taken from the Chaos book I am in the process of trying to understand in a spiritual way...

higher parameters and lower it is, I shall try to explain;

How do these different parameters


Mathematics. A constant in an equation that varies in other equations of the same general form, especially such a constant in the equation of a curve or surface that can be varied to represent a family of curves or surfaces. One of a set of independent variables that express the coordinates of a point.

One of a set of measurable factors, such as temperature and pressure, that define a system and determine its behavior and are varied in an experiment.

Usage Problem. A factor that restricts what is possible or what results: “all the parameters of shelterwhere people will live, what mode of housing they will choose, and how they will pay for it” (New York). A factor that determines a range of variations; a boundary: an experimental school that keeps expanding the parameters of its curriculum.

Statistics. A quantity, such as a mean, that is calculated from data and describes a population.

Usage Problem. A distinguishing characteristic or feature.)

affect the ultimate destiny?

A low parameter, eg. styles of speech and thought patterns, will cause an event or opinion or belief to arrive at a low state. A higher parameter, leads to a higher state. But, some parameters are even higher, and this can be a means of turning both high and low into a state of chaos...

So with that I think I may have partly explained myself though the time theorem has not yet been fully realised for fear of detrimental effects arising from a quick assumption.

Thank You.

I have underlined a quote from this book, underlined many years ago...'

in the middle of this complexity, stable cycles suddenly return.'

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