Thursday, 11 September 2008

May 14 2006

Dictated In Part Letter To a Lamb

when the Prince Arjuna was betrayed by his family, Krishna came to speak to him, and the words are

to 'never give up'...light

Sorry thats just a quick letter

move to light, good men cry, still, we do not die in love, we remember you always, i'm calling her to you, the good men that were kille d are true light, remember what we are telling you, belief in God, and no doubt even in deepest hardship, strong enoguh to turn away when those around you brign in fights, warriors like the great buddhists take every hardship without lack of conviction and sometimes those who aspire to be like them falter, remember always the laughter, please don't cry...


put you on a rack, not literally i hope...

write a diary for yourself and others each night, or a book on paper, find a pen...

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