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Saturday, March 18, 2006 All These Crazees

Saturday, March 18, 2006
All These Crazees

another one, in Leicester Square;

'what you want to go back stage?' wobbles, pushes me around a bit towards railings;

'no, i said, i think my friend's gone backstage, i'm trying to find her.'

''what you want to go back stage?'

'no.......['what you want to go back stage?'], my'

'Look...You ain't no Madonna!'

So, I walk off without screaming JESUS CHRIST, what the Virgin Mary????!!!!! (don't use the Lord's name in vain), and bare my teeth, at these hybrids wandering in, as i walk outside of the club to phone her.

Cafe in Dingy Town: (on day I break down in council over m y debts)

Imagine someone, I try to say, having a conversation...working in this cafe, bashing cutlery etc, around really loud but trying to keep her anger in...I play zombie, because I do not know what to say to her as many people there, and would still like to be her friend, but;

I hear act a bemused, actually intensely perturbed, erm, dude...

'You were giving me eyes!!' bang, crash, hurry...more annoyance from her, so I stand there, quietly and stir my sugar in my coffee at counter, and listen...

Well, I may have smiled at her, sometime;

'You were supposed to meet me after work!!'

Wonder if she has mistaken me for a boyfriend, you know it happens sometime, I remain calm, and go and sit down;

bang, crash!!! I sing some Greek words...poolia=birds

'They told me you were Hebrew!!'

'What, am i married to China now?' still, cold, dudette bitch.

'I'm not from CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!'


go into another shop, CAN STILL HEAR the banging and crashing of plates outside; served at counter;

'you were supposed to meet her after work'...think; yes, there was a day when i arrived for a takeaway coffee late in the day, and stood around looking in a mirror, thinking, should i wait for her?

BANG CRASH, 'I'm not at work!!!!!! They've locked me up!!!!!!!!!!!'

I notice she has a new haircut, and the manager calls her darling...


thinking of delivering a postcard to 'the panic attack, scottish nationalist'...woops, hahaha, perhaps this pathetic bout of decision, not being able to think of another word, rather hungover, will work, if i can convince, 'dizzy' 'mature' receptionist to UNDERSTAND that she must work with me in this endeavor and break some rules, in case the docors become suspicious, or actually read the note, which of course is cold and neutral and rather....pathetic. And then perhaps, she will be able to pick up a phone or use a text messaging service, and get into contact with me, if not then, she can write on the second postcard, back to me, give it to 'dizzy' 'mature' receptionist, threaten her that this is only friendship, and make receptionist work harder in this new project which may give extra joy to her own life...

Met another girl in Camden

My friend flirts with me but I am cold...or worse.

This girl has rather piercing light blue eyes and she works in advertising, and is from the other side of the world. But

She is not gay...though i will call her this week, though i have already sent a drunken text, and am not expecting a reply...and we will meet in some place, and I can tell her about the outpatients her the number 22 is divine.

And so I am in debt

And I have new trouserjeans bought in the sale, looks like someone with massive thigh tried them on before I bought them, how


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